There are many systems of chats and apps popular among smartphone users instant messaging, but despite this fame and success is not advisable to use as a communication system in a professional environment, either for security reasons as image company.

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The reason there are companies that use these chats as corporate tools to send messages is that in the eyes of the company costs nothing. But the reality is that this form of communication undertakes the professional image of a company presentation and a communication mode unsuitable for companies. Users who receive this type of advertising is perceived as SPAM and have a completely opposite reaction to what the company wanted to achieve, rejecting both the promotion, offer, message content, and the brand itself.

On the other hand, although they are becoming more smartphone users a high percentage still has traditional phones, so not all users can access mobile applications. It is estimated that 17% of mobile phone users with basic mobile without Internet access. I.e. with this form of marketing through chats and messaging APP we cannot reach a large number of people.

A more professional alternative chats these messages by sending SMS is either to inform promotions, discounts or freebies to announce new openings or seasons. The SMS can be adapted to the customer at all times offering a personalized message improving company image. By segmenting the audience to which the message is addressed further conversion is achieved because the message is more personalized and offers the customer what he really expects.

Besides SMS they are very useful for improving corporate information as well as good internal communication within the company. Because of the speed of communication, simple operation and its private and safe character, improves communication between staff, thereby increasing the productivity and effectiveness of employees. In addition to having a low cost facilitates communication and has a delivery system, reception and more reliable monitoring. Therefore all experts ensure that as agile business communication the SMS is still the best option.

Opt for sending SMS messages to mobile terminals is a good way to provide quality service to customers, keeping them informed of the status of your order or the latest news about your business. The customer likes to receive SMS, is a more immediate and more personalized communication and read the emails. But you have to take care of the content of the SMS as it is a limited and known to the public space to which it is addressed and how they perceive the advertising through their mobile. In short, knowing how to use mobile communication.

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