Businesses often redesign websites from time to time due to various different reasons. One problem that often appears is that owners do not understand how important web design is for the overall digital marketing strategy. It is really important to guarantee brand stability whenever you want to have online marketing success. When you just keep changing designs or you use web design that is not appropriate, you are hurting all your online marketing efforts.


The first thing you need to remember is that consistency is a very important element in digital marketing. For instance, let’s say you choose one of the great WordPress themes by TemplateMonster. Once you do so you should maintain the exact same theme and use it to promote your business for at least a year. Changing designs every few months makes the audience confused. Those that know your business will not recognize it when they come back. This sends all the wrong messages.

Besides the important factor of consistency you should be aware of the fact that web design has a really high influence on the following aspects that are vital to modern digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization

Only the sites that are built with the use of modern technology are going to be preferred by major search engines. This includes but is not limited to the development of a great responsive web design that makes it really easy for every single visitor to view content no matter what device is used for browsing.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a very complicated topic but what should be understood is that web design will influence the conversion rates a page generates. Generally speaking, the better and more fluid the design, the higher the possibility a conversion will be made!

  • User Experience

The importance of user experience for an online business should never be seen as having a lower importance than it does. Website design will have a huge impact on a visitor’s user experience. For instance, the lack of a good navigation menu will make it very hard for a visitor to find the content he is interested in. As a result, that visitor will leave. You cannot promote anything online if you do not create a really good experience for the visitor. At the same time, related factors like site loading speed will have an impact on SEO ranking factors.

  • Branding

Last but not least, great web design will make or break digital marketing campaigns because of branding. The bad website will instantly be noticed by the visitor. Branding is vital for the success of a company because of the huge competition that appears on the market at the moment. Standing out is something that all owners should want to do.


You cannot be successful in digital marketing without web design. Never think that it is only the message that will bring in business or the product itself. You need to be sure that you always take all factors into account when you create your marketing strategy, including web design.

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