How we speak and communicate is a fundamental part of who we are and what we represent. If we see ourselves as a brand, how we speak can be one of our most valuable marketing tools. What can you do if you are not overly confident in this? The answer is simple, sign up to one of the many Public speaking courses that companies like can provide.

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We have all faced a time when we need to present a project at work or speak at a family and social event like a funeral or a wedding. For many of us this is a chance to be filled with dread and fear. The spotlight is on you and how you speak is going to be the defining factor on whether the speech or presentation goes well, or does not.

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Speaking steadily (not slowly) and clearly, not mumbling, is one of the best ways to ensure that you have got the right kind of balance and projection. Get this part right and the rest of it should all slot in place. Liaise with others to check that you have the pace and tone correct. Make sure what you say is fact checked. Whilst you should stick to a script don’t be afraid to be some ad libbed asides in, as long as you are sure they are going to work!

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