Depending on your point of view, Architects are the true shapers of the future.  It is their vision and design that fuel the look of buildings and how they will stand the test of time.  Will modern architecture be able to be remembered in a positive light unlike so many other styles previously? Also do architects seek to recreate the past or even indulge in nostalgia when it comes to the design of their buildings? Take for example the increased use of the French style  Brise Soleil. This is a traditional design that is used to create natural shading around a building.  It is an effective way of reducing heat within but it has been around for centuries.  Examples of it can be seen from  https://alusystems.

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This is taking an old style and turning it to practical use.  However there have been plenty of examples where architects have taken inspiration from other designs and the end product has not been successful.  The country has had to remove many of its concrete monstrosities based on the brutalist design.  Bearing in mind that this inspiration was based on bunkers from the Second World War perhaps it’s not a surprise.

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More than ever buildings are increasingly lighter and brighter than their predecessors.  However, this is not to say that we should immediately discard the old buildings.  Some still retain a certain function and some critics do find them aesthetically pleasing.  There is an increasing campaign to make many of these older buildings grade one or two listed.

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