Anybody with a beloved small pet in the family will know the joy of sharing a home with a furry friend. You want to take them with you wherever you go and keep them safe in the process. Having a bespoke pet carrier, specifically designed to take your little furball with you on your travels sounds like a great idea.  If you could design and create your own carry case for your pet that could be the perfect answer to the question every child asks their parents, “Why can’t Gizmo, Bobby, Sniffy, Patch or Fluffy come on holiday with us?

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Then you will be able to say “YES” they can come, however, the first thing you will need to do is draw a rough sketch, then a more detailed picture, of what your carrier is going to look like.  Watch some YouTube videos of how to use Bending Machines and other basic metal working tools and then research professional companies such as so you have all the knowledge and expertise on how to use the tools safely. Make sure you measure everything carefully and source all your materials so that once you start your project you can complete it without stopping to purchase more nuts and bolts etc.  Make sure any sharp edges are filed down and using a good quality stainless steel (so it won’t go rusty if it gets wet) and a soldering iron to complete the carrier you can finish your new design knowing it’s safe and secure. If you intend the carrier to be used in the car or while travelling the country in a motorhome perhaps, then design the size and shape to fit accordingly.

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If the carrier is going to be pulled behind a bicycle or worn as a backpack then a lighter, softer material carrier will be required.  Whatever size you design and create, make it with love and when it’s completed (If it’s for a car or motorhome) put everything in it your trusted and faithful companion will enjoy.  A fresh supply of food and water, alongside a litter tray and a scratch post for a cat.  A blanket or basket where they can get comfy and sleep as well as a favourite toy or bone for a dog.


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