Few types of headwear today have such a history, as the flat cap. It originated in Northern England originally known as a bonnet. Interestingly back in 1571 there was a law passed by Parliament that required men aged six and above (except for nobility) to wear a cap on Sundays and holidays. If they failed to comply they would face a fine of three farthings. Although the law was later repealed, the flat cap continued to be a popular item of mens clothing for centuries. To find the perfect irish flat cap, try visiting shamrockgift.com/mens-clothing/irish-flat-caps

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Over time, the flat cap has gained popularity worldwide among celebrities and enthusiasts of mens fashion due to its versatility. Notable figures like Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Brad Pitt, LL Cool J and British stars David Beckham and Idris Elba have been spotted wearing flat caps. Besides their benefits of being lightweight and suitable for all weather conditions, these caps evoke a sense of heritage. They are associated with Depression era construction workers, Yorkshire farmers, taxi drivers. Truly timeless pieces cherished across generations.

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However, like any trend or fashion statement the popularity of caps can wane over time.

It appears that the cap has gained popularity thanks to its association with Peaky Blinders introducing its 1920s look to a new generation of viewers. Recently Kent & Curwen, the London brand co owned by David Beckham, launched a collection of caps in partnership with the popular TV series.

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