If you are green fingered and know a lot about keeping a garden healthy and well maintained, then setting up your own gardening and landscaping business could be the perfect new start for you. Getting out of the rat race and doing something that you have a real passion for whilst earning a living can improve your lifestyle – here are the things that you need to do to start up your gardening business and turn it from a dream into a reality!

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Come up with a Name and Register it – First things first, your business will need a name. Come up with a name that no-one else has, but means something to you, as this is the name that you will end up keeping. You will need to register it and register yourself as self-employed too, so make sure that you do this as it is important for tax purposes. Getting a bookkeeper helps you to balance the books as well.

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Logo and Marketing – Your marketing is important if you want to spread the word about your business and get your name out there. Although your logo is important it is a small part of your marketing. Consider what you offer that sets you apart from the rest and communicate this to your customers, both online and by getting out there and letting people know what you do.

Equipment – You will of course need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to allow you to do the job correctly and also safely. As well as tools, you will need to have protective equipment for some jobs that you do, especially if you are doing jobs where you work at height like tree surgery. You are also going to need to transport this from place to place, so look into leasing a van from somewhere like this van rental Bristol based company Autolyne.

Insurance – To keep you covered you will need to have various types of insurance. From insurance that covers your tools and vehicle to public liability and employers’ liability insurance in case of an accident. Have a look around at various insurance companies to compare and make sure that you get a good deal and the right coverage for your needs.

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