There are over 4.1 million licensed vans on Britain’s roads today, and for many businesses a van is the lifeblood of the operation. A break-in or collision can be costly – not just in terms of the repair bill but also for lost business as customers are left waiting while vehicles are repaired. There is also the potential damage to a brand’s reputation when photos of signwritten vans involved in road incidents make their way onto Facebook or Twitter. It’s essential that fleet operators consider the impact of these kinds of events and act accordingly.

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Whether you’re a tradesman or a courier, your van is likely to be loaded up with tools, equipment and valuables that need to stay safe while in transit. In addition to investing in a secure van, there are some easy things you can do to reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen or involved in a crash – like ensuring that all items are properly restrained and secured inside the vehicle. When you need more details on Van Hire Bristol, contact Autolyne, providers of premium Van Hire Bristol.

Here we’ll run through the top van safety features every business should have – so you can drive with confidence on your journeys to and from clients.

The first and most obvious must-have is airbags. Ensure that your van has a full airbag system in the cab to protect the driver and any passengers.

Cargo tie downs are another crucial safety feature that can save both time and money. They can help you keep your cargo securely fastened while driving, preventing it from shifting during transit. You can find these products at most home improvement stores, and they’re usually easy to install yourself.

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Even if you follow defensive driving best practices, accidents happen and sometimes it’s necessary to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid an object in the road. That’s why it’s worth ensuring your van has electronic stability control (ESC) as this can significantly decrease your chances of a rollover crash.

Lastly, look for a work van that has built-in parking sensors so you can be sure to park in a spot that won’t damage the back of your vehicle when it’s reversing. This can save you from having to pay for expensive repairs and it also prevents thieves from targeting your van as they will be less likely to try and nudge the vehicle out of position. Similarly, parking closer to walls and other obstructions can make it more difficult for criminals to gain unauthorised access.

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