Parks homes are popular with many people and there are a lot of different sites around the UK with park homes on them – if you are thinking of buying one, search for park homes for sale near me.

Something that you need to be aware of when you are buying a park home, is whether you want it for a holiday home, or if you are planning to live there permanently.

Here are some of the main differences between residential and holiday park homes…

Time that you can Spend there – One of the biggest and most important differences between a residential park home and a holiday park home is the rules about how long you are able to spend there. When a home is your main home as on a residential site, that is classed as your home, and you live there all the time as you would in any other type of home.

Holiday Park homes on the other hand are not allowed to be lived in all year round. They will often close during the low season, and you will often find that many of them also have rules that prevent you from working there or using it as your main address.

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Entertainment – A park home that is residential will have a sense of community and there will often be clubs and groups that you can get involved in, however there will not be the same focus on providing entertainment as there would be on most holiday park homes.

Holiday parks will often have a club house that has a bar as well as other facilities such as swimming pools too. On a residential park, you are less likely to find this sort of entertainment on the site as it is more of a home than a holiday.

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Age Restrictions – A residential park home will usually have age restrictions to make them suitable for people who have retired. This means that children and young families will not be able to live on park home sites that have these rules in place.

At a holiday park site however, there will often be a lot more facilities for children and families, and there don’t tend to be any age restrictions with most holiday home sites.

Pets – If you want to live in a park home, you may well want the companionship of a pet. There are rules around pet ownership and the number of pets that you can own or even if you are allowed to own pets on most park home sites, both residential and holiday based.

However, it is more likely that you are going to be allowed to keep pets on a residential site, although there are some sites for holidaymakers that do allow pets.

If having pets is something that is important to you, this is definitely one of the most important things to check before you buy a park home.

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