Replacing a standard heating system with an energy-saving boiler can be a really smart investment. It could save you money in the long run, something which is very important to many during the cost-of-living crisis, and you can also enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your home will be warm and your water will be hot. Your carbon footprint will also be reduced.

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When is it time to upgrade?

Many people who contact specialists such as looking for a boiler repair Cheltenham and elsewhere, will ask whether it is better to fix an old boiler or invest in an upgrade. Your plumber or heating engineer should be able to help you to weigh up the pros and cons. Just ensure you use a reputable tradesman such as those who are members of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors.

Why choose a high-efficiency boiler?

Even if your current heating system is working OK, you may still want to consider a high-efficiency or energy-saving boiler. They are designed to make the most of heat transfer and minimise energy wastage, reducing energy consumption and increasing performance. They can be a good choice for you, your home, and the planet, but let’s take a look in more detail at some of the benefits of making the switch.

Energy efficiency

An energy-saving boiler is made to ensure that as much fuel as possible is converted into heat and not wasted. They capture and use the heat rather than losing large amounts of it through a flue, as happens in the case of traditional boilers.

Energy bills

An energy-saving boiler can produce the same heat as a traditional boiler while consuming less fuel. This can lead to significant reductions in energy bills in the long run.

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Environmental impact

These efficient boilers use less fuel and so reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This reduction of your carbon footprint can only be good news for Mother Nature.


Using less energy reduces the stresses on your boiler, making it more reliable and less likely to break down.

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