Lately, the smartphone has become an indispensable tool for communicating. One of the many fundamental features, for those who use it especially for work. For this reason it is necessary to keep it well, avoiding unpleasant loss or theft. A circumstance that if it happens becomes very annoying, since it is necessary to restore the SIM , files and phonebook contacts. However, there is a simple trick to block the stolen phone and bring it back to its origins. So make sure you have everything you need and get started. In the following guide I will explain how to block stolen iphone with imei number.

How to block stolen iphone with imei number?

how to block stolen iphone with imei number

The first thing you need to do is to write down the IMEI number of your mobile phone. Then retrieve the packaging and mark it. The IMEI is a unique identification code for each piece, and you can obtain it simply by typing, with the phone on, * # 06 #. Once this is done, the number will appear on the screen and you can write it down in a safe place along with the make and model of your mobile phone. Obviously this is a preventive operation, which must be done when you are in possession of the phone.

Make the complaint If, unfortunately, your mobile phone is stolen, run to make a report. Once you arrive at the police station, clearly indicate all the identification data: the brand, model, SIM number (i.e. your mobile phone number) and the IMEI code you wrote down previously. Finally, make a photocopy of the report and keep it carefully.

Call the telephone company

The next step is to call the customer support of your telephone company and ask for the SIM block due to theft. The operator who responds is required, by law, to ask the customer identification questions, both from the personal point of view and for what concerns the use of the number (active promotions, top-ups made, available balance, etc.). Only if these questions are answered correctly can the operator block the SIM. If the SIM is not in your name, you must call customer support together with the holder. Also remember that to become the owner of a SIM (or as they say in the jargon, “real user”), you just need to register your number on the operator’s website, and be at least 15 years old.

Use the app

Another interesting method is to use an app, which will allow you to locate the stolen phone. In this way, you can remotely back up everything (messages, contacts, photos, videos and files) its contents. There are various types of applications that do this work, among the most used found Lookout. A free app for iPhone and Android. Another alternative is to use Find My iPhone for Apple devices. While for Android there is Where’s my droid.

Request the new sim

Once this operation has been carried out, you can go to our manager’s shop, where you must first request a new SIM on which you will reactivate your old number. In addition, with the help of the manager, you can fill in the form to request the IMEI block. If unfortunately, you hadn’t written it down previously (and if you no longer have the cell phone box from which to write it down), no problem: it will be enough to write in the form the four numbers most called from your cell phone. Thanks to the traceability of the IMEI code in relation to the SIM used, in fact, even in this way you can block your mobile phone.

To keep the phone safe it is recommended to use some useful apps to protect the individual applications on the phone with a password, so in case of theft, they cannot be used. Enter a password to access smartphone functions.

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