Movies Like Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice was an incredible adaptation of the original novel, which told us the story of the Bennet sisters. Her mother tries to marry her by all means, even against her will. As time passes, he focuses on Elizabeth’s relationship with a mysterious Lord, Darcy. If you liked this movie, then today we bring you Movies Like Pride and Prejudice.

What are the Movies Like Pride and Prejudice?

1. Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

We begin with perhaps the best film similar to Pride and Prejudice, a production full of drama and romance. It tells us the story of a woman, Jane Eyre, dedicated to teaching children in her home. One day, Jane decides to go to a house far removed from civilization to do her job.

He meets the boy’s father in that house, a quite cold, calculating and strange man. As the days go by, Jane ends up falling in love with him. But what Jane does not know is that the man keeps a very dark and very well hidden secret. How does Jane react? Be sure to see it to find out.

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2. Your Majesty, Mrs. Brown

It is about the biography of a widowed queen after losing her husband, who was the one she loved the most. However, after a while, one of her servants, who loved her secretly, begins a relationship with her. Everything seems to be fine, but a servant could not be with a queen at that time. Together they must find a way to keep their relationship alive against all odds.

3. Persuasion

On our list of Pride and Prejudice-like movies is ” Persuasion .” Which is about a ship captain who found the love of his life but was rejected by her family. After completing his journey as captain, after several years, he tries to make the love of his life and his family fall in love again. He is proving that true love never ends and does not give up.

4. Belle

Belle, What is it about? Being a film similar to Pride and Prejudice, you will know it is about romance and drama. In this installment, we are introduced to a young brunette, the daughter of an aristocrat. But that, despite his social and economic position, he cannot have a normal life because of his skin color. This makes her doubt her life purpose and whether it will be possible to find the love of her life.

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5. In Jane Austen Land

Unlike the films already mentioned, this one puts drama aside to make way for comedy. In Land of Jane Austen, it’s about a 30-year-old woman who happens to be a huge fan of the movie Pride and Prejudice. Her fanaticism makes her save all her money to go on a trip to England, to visit a theme park with the theme of the time and the movie. Where do you think you will find a man worthy of your love. Will he find it? Be sure to watch the movie to find out.

6. Sense and Feelings

We return to romance and drama. If you love Pride and Prejudice, you will also like ” Sense and Feelings ” as they are very similar, each with unique elements. This is in particular about a very wealthy man who passes away and his first wife inherits all his assets.

Which leaves the second marriage, wife and children, without any inheritance. It leaves them on the street. Having to go through a lot of difficulties since she always depends on her husband’s fortune, with no money and no one to love. As time passes, she falls in love again with another wealthy man. But this time, the two of them will have to deal with the contempt of each family. Showing us the adversities of this woman, one after another and how she manages to overcome them.

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7. Queen Victoria

Movies Like Pride and Prejudice

Another film similar to Pride and Prejudice is Queen Victoria. She is a young woman who lived her entire life dominated by her mother. For legal reasons and traditions of the kingdom, she is forced to marry a man she does not know or love.

To avoid this, Victoria begins to be rebellious to be despised. However, as the days go by, Victoria realizes that the man is not as she believed. He is intelligent, educated and selfless, so her romantic interest in him begins to grow.

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8. Emma

We are almost at the end, and in position 8 we have Emma, another excellent film like Pride and Prejudice. Emma is a romantic comedy, so you will have a great time watching it. It is about a young woman who tries to play cupid, match couples. Although they were very disparate people, she did everything necessary to bring them together. Her dedication to uniting couples makes her slowly forget to find a partner for her. Creating a void in your life that will not be easy to fill.

9. Miss Potter

Miss Potter is about a low-class writer. Her economic level is mediocre and, therefore, she could not be successful in art or love. But one day, you will achieve those two things. After taking his best story to a distributor, he manages to turn his book into success immediately. And luckily, he falls in love with the owner of that distributor. Thus changing his life radically.

Finally, in our list of the best movies Like Pride and Prejudice, we have the story of Jane Austen and her affair with a young Irishman. The film is titled ” True Love ” And in it, we will see how two people are really in love, live incredible adventures, full of drama and romance.

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