design a landing page

Best practices to design a landing page

The design of a good landing page will help you get a significantly higher number of conversions for your homepage and dramatically increase the number of subscriptions and user data (email addresses, etc.) you can pick to create better marketing campaigns on-line.

The landing page, well made, is an e-commerce accelerator.  It is a direct way to get more conversions and sales.

Two types of landing page for different purposes

There are two main types of landing page, both equally important: the landing page click-through or click-through, and lead generation.

design a landing page

The click-through landing is a web page that describes a product, service, or an offer in such detail that attracts enough or persuades the user to click and make a purchase or sign up for the offer. The idea is that the user, who has had the opportunity to read and absorb all the information from the landing page, is more likely to become a customer on the next page.

The landing page generating opportunities must contain a web form and a description of what the user will get a change of sign and submit their contact information. Usually, it is a gift like a free trial, an electronic book, or a coupon.

Now let’s see the design elements of a landing page you should include converting as much as possible.


Credibility is crucial when it comes to selling online, so we recommend that you include testimonials from important people in your landing page. Ideally, they should be satisfied customers who can provide a positive testimony about your product or service. These rise much conversion rates.

If you want to go a step further and draw more attention to this testimony, you can include it in format video; this will further increase its credibility.

Eliminate friction

Friction is what gets in the way of conversion.

A form with a few fields will have a higher conversion rate. The ideal number here is 5, but keep in mind that although the shorter forms produce more leads, longer attract higher quality customers. What type of customer want?

Direction signs

Direction signs on a landing page are elements like arrows or even people looking in one direction. Guide the user’s gaze and provide extra motivation to perform the requested action.

Direction signs increase the efficiency of the call to action, offering an additional impetus for visitors to click the button.

Landing page short

Most people do not take the time to read every word on a page. In fact, many simply browse the content. One study found that only 16% of users read word for word.

Now that you know this, it’s imperative that your landing page Anacortes to suit this type of behavior. Shorter pages that do not need to exceed downshift longer pages when it is conversions.

Shocking Headlines

By now it is quite clear that the purpose of the landing page is to capture the attention of visitors to click through to a product page or services, or leave your contact information. Another sure way to create a landing page that converts is to include shocking headlines.

These do not have to be long, in fact some of the shortest usually more effective. For example, the landing page Airbnb is entitled “Our house is your house”, generating a great impact because it relates to your business of tourist accommodation and using a term that everyone is familiar with, ensuring that everyone has a place even if you are away from home.

This landing page additionally carries a caption that provides important details about what Airbnb does for its clients.

High-quality images

The landing page becomes more powerful when they include sharp, stunning images that catch the eye of the user. A picture is worth a thousand words and will help reinforce your message and make your site much more attractive.

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