Start with Arduino (Genuine): How to choose the plate, compatible models and starter kits?

The summer holidays included, is usually the time to start or advance hobby that requires some time for the rest of the year we could not spend. Start and learn with Arduino (or Genuine) can be one of them.

The DIY, the Internet of Things and one maker fever in continuous growth has Arduino as a fashion platform where free hardware, compatibility and cheap technology shake hands. If you have decided to start or advance Arduino, here’s a shopping guide types Arduino compatible models and basic kits to start.

Arduino types and which one to choose?

The first big decision you must make when starting with Arduino is pick plate. In it you will perform the installation and programming elements to achieve this DIY project you have both long wanted to end.

Being a free hardware platform in the market is necessary to differentiate the official plates, of which there are several models, and compatible with an overwhelming variety and we can integrate into our project safely.