LG Cam 360

Record videos of 360 degrees with the LG Cam 360

In recent years we have experienced an explosion of action cameras that allow us to stop to remember our great deeds or travel in first person. In the coming months, the cameras are aspiring to convince those recorded content at 360 degrees.

Of the options that large manufacturers put on the market in the coming months, the first to be available is the LG CAM 360, one of the LG Friends of LG G5, but as we tell in our analysis of this 360-degree camera, it is not exclusive or even a smartphone Android. Is it worth 360 degree cameras? How good are your videos?

Compact, discreet but with room for improvement in the design

Admittedly it has been fun ride out of Friend LG CAM 360, an external accessory that uses the system G5 LG modules and allows us to record video and take pictures of 180 or 360 degrees. LG actually associate with the G5 is not mandatory, and if we like the idea, there is to be limited to this smartphone from LG or even under Android, because it is compatible with iOS devices. The configuration is not complex but not very intuitive, at least in terminals that have not been LG, which facilitates this task as previously has been recognized by the LG Friends application.