Vive Standalone

HTC and Qualcomm team up to launch “Vive Standalone”: Virtual reality without PC or mobile

HTC has partnered with Qualcomm to officially announce a new standalone VR glasses for the Chinese market. The first information can be found in Chinese on the official product page, which seems to be at the crossroads between projects like Google Daydream and the original HTC Vive, with a performance that promises to be quite decent without needing to be connected to any device.

5 minutes charging is 5 hours more on your phone: This is Quick Charge 4.0 from Qualcomm

In the absence of new technologies that allow us to make batteries more capable, or due to the fact that manufacturers do not want to design larger models, improvements in autonomy happen to play with faster loads. It is the way leading Qualcomm, that may not be the company that has led the change, but in view of its sales, is leading the roost, followed by MediaTek.

Hardware manufacturers are educating us to charge more times, to have fast charging as a resource to extend the life of an element we need active while we are standing. In recent years this process has been improving people we Qualcomm with its system Quick Charge, now in its fourth generation.