Pocket PC

This is the year when the Pocket PC will no longer be a promise

A PC in the palm of your hand, this is a promise that has been singing for some years. It was from HDMI Dongle, a concept apparently simple, when fiction became reality. I say apparently simple because behind the invention several progress working together hide.

On the one hand, improved speed and quality of transmission in HDMI 2.0 connections. On the other, the flowering of modular technology. Most of these dongles reproduce content via streaming, but need the power of our smartphone to play. In many cases, your ARM processor is no more than a transmitter for encoding and avoids bottlenecks.

CC was the first stone: everyone wanted one and did not know where to buy it .Since then, thanks to the assemblers did not have to pay licensing by the Android operating system, the market is filled with copies to very low cost versions, some better and some worse, but they have paved the way for new pocket PC under the same philosophy: play entertainment content, and routine office tasks, leaving aside the “specialization”. And why there has been this trend of all-in-one to the phablet and PC the size of a USB memory? Simple: mobility, ability to manage our data in the cloud, sync at all times the progress of our work.