Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro

Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro with Tango

The day came after two years of development and several rumors and advances; Lenovo has been the designated manufacturer by Google to make the first smartphone with Project Tango, which incidentally is no longer a project to become a platform within Google simply known as Tango.

Under the Lenovo Tech World 2016, the company made official the announcement of this first device that integrates a number of features that open the use of smartphones to a new level, something that has never before been seen, and we’ve had a chance to try for a few minutes to bring you our first contact with the PHAB2 Pro Lenovo with Tango.

Large flawless construction

Before starting should be mentioned that PHAB2 is a family of devices Lenovo, but bearing the name ‘Pro’ is the only one to incorporate the Tango technology, while the other two get to add variety with the same size but with processors MediaTek and lower resolution.