Nowadays the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs and novice startup owners are looking for cookie cutter solutions that will give them a turnkey route to all of the components needed to make their business work. While this approach can be successful, there comes a point when it becomes beneficial to deviate from the same tools and equipment the competition is using and venture out into your own way of solving problems. In fact, standing out from the crowd and developing propriety technologies and business methodologies are necessary goals when you’re trying to bring an SME from local to global. For companies that operate online and utilize cloud communication and other advanced networking strategies, upgrading to a software-defined, modifiable, and scalable IT platform should be one of the first steps in the process, and here’s why:

1. Productive Platform = Powerful Performance

Optimizing the administrative interface that allows employees to collaborate and facilitates all other aspects of company management will increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Developers like Masergy work with businesses to create and evolve platforms that can adapt to the demands of the company. There are plenty of prebuilt platforms that can accommodate the needs of a small startup, but if you’re aiming to use the best tools and resources, there really is nothing that can match a modular and scalable platform, not only for the sake of productivity, but also because of the other reasons listed below.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Be Using Custom IT Platforms

2. Enhanced Security

When hackers look for loopholes that let them infiltrate networks, they’re typically targeting platforms that they can freely test against. If you’re using a custom interface with unique encryption and firewall characteristics, hackers and malicious software won’t be prepared to exploit any flaws in your system. Furthermore, if a security lapse is noticed, you have enough control to implement change as soon as possible. Thus, having a system that incorporates hybrid networking, cloud communications, and managed security gives you the best chances of fortifying your company’s digital assets.

3. Better Communications and Device Compatibility

Anybody can use a basic instant messaging app or online project management interface to communicate, but Fortune 500 companies and serious startups use custom platforms to ensure optimal data encryption, easier group interaction, simplified conferencing features, and many other perks. Device compatibility also becomes an issue when you’re working with a pre-built platform that you’re not involved in the development of. If an operating system or device is not supported, you’d just have to wait for an update, whereas a custom platform gives you the freedom to pursue maximum compatibility if that’s ever a priority for your network.

Strengthening Internal Branding

It’s important to remember that branding starts from the inside. The way your employees perceive and represent your brand in their interaction with customers and their marketing efforts will directly influence how your brand is perceived and received by the public. A custom, well-branded IT platform can play an important role in any strong internal branding strategy.

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