Logitech G Pro

The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard, a unique mechanical keyboard, has been introduced to the gaming world for a long time offering solutions geared to the gaming world.

It is for a couple of reasons. The first, its ‘tenkeyless’ configuration that makes it dispensed with the numeric keypad to have a more compact peripheral. Second, its high-speed switches, which are designed to give you a slight advantage in online games and move faster and faster than your competitors.

Logitech G Pro
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Many gamers seem to prefer ‘tenkeyless’ keyboards; they say in Logitech, because they are more compact and do not take up so much space on the table, something that also counts when players place those keyboards at rather strange angles to achieve the most comfortable position for a fast interaction. Precisely its size makes it ideal for easy transfer to LAN parties and competitions in which you can take advantage of that size and performance.

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This format is joined by the use of the so-called Romer-G switches (45 grams of actuation force, 5 ms of time), which are optimized to obtain keyboard signal processing (KPM) as fast as possible. In Logitech, explain that when we press a key on a conventional keyboard, the action can slow down a rebound effect before the electrical signal is sent to the computer. This keyboard eliminates that bounce through a micro controller that according to Logitech allows more actions without those rebounds, or what is the same, more effective pulsations per unit of time.

At Logitech, they believe that this can be crucial for online games that make use of “tick” rates. In ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ 128-tick servers are used, which means that entries are measured at intervals of 128 ticks per second, each of which, therefore, takes 7.8 ms. With this keyboard it is assumed that those benefits would achieve that by repeatedly pressing a key the response time was better and you had a 7.8 ms advantage over your opponent.

Obviously there are other factors that influence you to take advantage of that advantage (internet connection, your own reaction time), but this type of benefits can be very interesting for gamers who want to take advantage of this option. The keyboard has an RGB backlight system and 12 programmable keys, and will be priced at 149 dollars when it goes on sale this month.

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