We all enjoy watching motorsports. From the Grand Prix to the Isle of Man TT, it is exciting to watch the powerful vehicles and skilled drivers make their way around the track. But this is something that as well as needing a high level of skill and training from the driver, also requires machinery and equipment that is built and designed to the highest standard.

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There are lots of materials that are necessary to make a vehicle suited for racing, but one of the oldest materials that is as essential as ever is rubber. As well as being used in many machines and much of the household equipment that we use, it is also a much needed material in vehicles, and this includes the ones that are built for racing.

In order for the vehicle to perform to the high standards that are required of it, companies like this rubber moulding UK based company https://www.meadex.co.uk/rubber-moulding are required to create the rubber components to fit these vehicles and ensure that they meet the performance levels that are expected of them.

One of the main uses of rubber in these vehicles is to reduce the amount of vibrations from the road. Of course, travelling at such high speeds means that the friction generated is high, and therefore the driver can feel a lot of vibration – rubber however, with its shock absorbing properties is a key part of reducing this, enabling the driver or rider, depending on the type of vehicle that it is, to be able to have a smoother ride and focus on winning the race!

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Because of the unique needs of the vehicles that are used in motorsports, many of the parts for them need to be custom made, and this includes those that are made of rubber. The moulding process means that this is something that can be achieved, by using heat and pressure to get the rubber to form the required shape so that it can be used correctly for the vehicle. As well as this, the metal to rubber bonding process is often used, to ensure a good fit and so that the rubber can do the job that it needs to.

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