Telegram hide phone number tricks

Telegram hide phone number tricks

The use of this messaging app continues to grow as it is a great tool for Communities and as a communication channel. Among the many features it offers, we have the ability to hide our phone numbers on Telegram. Let’s see how to do telegram hide phone number.

how to change ip address on iphone

How to change ip address on iphone?

The Internet Protocol (IP ) address is a numerical series to uniquely identify any device, fixed or mobile, while connected to the Internet. The IP address can be of two types: static and dynamic. A static IP address always remains the same every time you connect to the Internet, while the dynamic one changes all the time; obtaining the latter is not easy, and some ADSL operators only grant it for a fee. However, on some devices, you can also change it manually. In the following guide, we will see in particular how to change ip address on iphone.

how to view call history on iphone from a month ago

How to view call history on iphone from a month ago?

It can happen to everyone that for a distraction, or due to a sudden temperament, to delete data on the phone that we need. Mistakes caused by pressing the wrong key or leaving the phone unlocked in the little ones’ hands can cost us dearly. Certain information, such as unsaved phone numbers, may seem impossible to recover, but you will undo the damage done by following this guide: how to view call history on iphone from a month ago.

How to enable javascript in browser

How to enable javascript in browser

JavaScript is an important programming language that runs in the browser when you visit websites that use it. In this text, you will learn how to enable the execution of JavaScript on your computer, which will be necessary to correctly view the aforementioned sites. If content with such language is blocked, it may be limited or the page may simply not work.

Most browsers allow the use of JavaScript, enabling it is considered a user’s choice and is blocked by default, to avoid loading unnecessary content during navigation. With the following guide, you will see how to enable javascript in browser.

How to enable javascript in browser: Chrome

To view the content of certain web pages in Google Chrome, it will be necessary to enable JavaScript. To do this, enter the browser and follow the steps shown below:

  • Open the drop-down menu (the three vertical dots) and click on the ” Settings ” option.
  • Go to the ” Privacy and security ” section and click on ” Website Settings “.
  • Find and click on the ” JavaScript ” section. Here you can enable content with this feature by selecting ” Allowed (recommended) “.
  • When finished, you will simply have to refresh the page for the configuration changes to take effect. With these steps, you will have enabled JavaScript and you will be able to view all the content of the web pages from Google Chrome without any inconvenience.

How to enable javascript in browser: Mozilla Firefox

To enable the display of content made with JavaScript language in Mozilla Firefox, open the browser and use the following guide:

  • In the URL bar enter the address ” about config ” and press the ” Enter ” key.
  • If a warning box pops up, click on the option indicating that you accept the risk or that you will proceed with caution. You may see a second notice before you can move on.
  • Type ” Javascript.enabled ” and change the setting to ” True .”
  • It only remains to reload the web page you wanted to see to apply the changes made.

How to enable javascript in browser: Microsoft Edge

With a short time in circulation, this browser made by Microsoft has managed to position itself among the most popular. Enable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge by following these steps:

  • Enter the browser settings.
  • In the search bar type ” JavaScript “.
  • Find the option with the same name and click on it to edit it.
  • Activate the option ” Allowed (Recommended) ” and then close the configuration tab.
  • Finally, refresh the page you were trying to view earlier to apply the new permission settings.

How to enable javascript in browser: Opera

This is one of the most used browsers with a simple and pleasant interface. To enable JavaScript in Opera, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the browser settings, for this, you must write the following address in the search bar: opera: //settings/content /.
  • Then, go to the ” Content ” section and enter the ” JavaScript ” section.
  • Once inside the JavaScript settings, you must activate the ” Allowed (Recommended) ” option.
  • Finally, reload the page by pressing the button or with the “ F5 ” key.

How to enable javascript in browser: Safari

To enable JavaScript in Safari you will simply have to enter the security preferences, below is a guide on how to do it:

  • Open the settings menu and enter the option that says ” Safari .”
  • Select ” Preferences .”
  • In the window that will open, you must locate the ” Security ” icon and click on it.
  • You will see several boxes, be sure to check the JavaScript box, located in the web content section.
  • Close the preference settings.
  • Reload the active pages to apply the changes and navigate with this option enabled.

How to enable javascript in browser: Internet Explorer

This browser is one of the most acclaimed, being recognized for its history on the Internet and being among the first that existed. To enable JavaScript in this, you must perform the following steps:

  • Enter your browser settings and press ” Internet Options .”
  • In the new window, go to the ” Security ” tab and press ” Custom level … “.
  • Another box will open where you should go to ” Automation ” and in the ” Active scripting ” section check the ” Enable ” option.
  • Finally, press ” Accept ” to apply the changes and refresh the website to view the content.

Each browser works individually, if you want to enable JavaScript in all your browsers you will have to do it one by one.

How to schedule instagram posts automatically

How to schedule instagram posts automatically

Instagram has become very popular in the business and marketing area (see well-known influencers). Especially in this area, it is useful to have a series of statistics regarding the publication of posts that help organize yourself to improve your content’s visibility.

Not only do those who professionally use Instagram need to schedule posts and campaigns following a calendar, but we may need to do it too.

The choice of publication time is one of the main rules when it comes to being followed on Instagram by automatically publishing at the times of greatest interest to our audience.

How to schedule instagram posts automatically?

How to schedule instagram posts automatically

The answer is yes, it is possible. Since the beginning of 2018, the Instagram team, with the surprise presentation of the new APIs ( Instagram Graph API ), has made it possible to schedule posts with some limitations and excluding other types of automation such as bots which are categorically prohibited.

You can proceed with the scheduled publication of the posts without running risks and with some limitations:

  • It is not possible to program stories. They will be published manually.
  • It is forbidden to insert the position in a post or individual tag people (you can do it manually in the comments)
  • No programming for posts that contain videos

What is the purpose of scheduling posts on Instagram?

Anyone who is a little familiar with the network knows that there are times when it is easier to have likes and interactions on your content. Moreover, those who do it for work know how difficult it is to manually and effectively manage a single profile and, when the profiles start to become two or more, it becomes complex.

Automatic post scheduling:

  • It helps those who use Instagram for work to effectively manage multiple profiles.
  • It is useful for launching posts at specific times and times or identified as most effective.
  • It allows you to save time by planning posts.
  • It gives us the ability to use “templates” for our posts and reuse relevant phrases and hashtags.
  • It allows you to overview the posts and create a common style (see also: tips for increasing followers ).

Schedule posts automatically with the best tools

  • Scheduling posts is simple; everything is done using special tools that now have access to the official API (and therefore are safe).

In this paragraph, we will point out the best tools in the sector. They all work quite similarly, offering a convenient calendar to enter the various scheduled posts.

1. Later – one of the best free tools

His is a service available as an app for both Android and iOS.

It is very intuitive to use. It is free and provides complete metrics to measure the impact of published posts. If you want to try Later, just register on its page.

2. Buffer – the King of social programming

A buffer is a tool that, for years, has been helping those who work with social networks to plan campaigns practically and effectively.

It’s not a free tool, but luckily it has a good basic free plan. Since the release of the official API, it is also fully compatible with Instagram.

3. Hootsuite – the most popular tool for social media managers

It is one of the complete tools available on the web for a long time and also used for other social networks.

4. Crowdfire – one of the most comprehensive

This is another favorite tool for social media managers. The reasons are different; the most important are: the completeness of available options, the very rational arrangement of the functions, the clear and linear interface.

how to use off hand in minecraft

How to use off hand in minecraft

Minecraft is one of the world’s best games that exist today, with many players supporting this great title. Learning to play Minecraft is very important if you want to get the most out of all the features. To do this, you must first download and install the latest version of Minecraft for PC.

One of the things that this game allows you to do is to be able to use 2 types of tools, thanks to the fact that your character can place an object in each hand at the same time. However, you may be new to playing Minecraft and don’t know how to use your character’s off hand, but don’t worry.

This article will show you how to use the off hand in a simple way to play much better and defend yourself in this world.

You will see that after reading our article you will have all the necessary knowledge about this off hand and you will have all the information. This video game is one of the first to be multiplatform.

How to use off hand in Minecraft?

Before showing you how the off-hand works, we will talk to you first about what this hand is and everything you need to know to use it in the best way. So you can have the necessary knowledge to use the off hand correctly and be the best Minecraft player.

The off hand is a relatively new mechanism within the game that allows the player to use two tools or blocks simultaneously. Players can equip any type of item in this hand and use it without any problem as long as they have nothing on the other hand.

In combat, you can equip the shield to avoid blows and arrows without receiving damage. Another way to use the off hand is to equip it with arrows that you can launch with a bow and crossbow.

Knowing how to use the off hand is very important since objects can only be used when equipped in the off hand, such as the resurrection totems that need to be in this hand to be activated.

That is why in this guide, we will show you how you should use this function of the game so that you can be the best and the monsters can never beat you. Using this hand is not difficult at all, and with the steps that we are going to show you, you can use any block with this hand.

Keep reading: How to make a book in minecraft

How to use the off hand of Minecraft?

The process that you must carry out to use the off hand is very simple. We will show you how to use the off hand in several ways to have different options to use it.

Before starting, it is appropriate to mention that this function is relatively new in this game, so if you do not have the updated version of Minecraft, you may not use the off hand. Also now before starting, it is important to update Minecraft to use the off hand without problems. You can even use it in the multiplayer mode without any problem and play with two or more people in Minecraft.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is press the E key to access your inventory, where you will have all the objects that your character has equipped to use the off hand.

Once the character inventory window opens, you must place the object you want the character to have in this hand in the box with the shield icon, press the E button again, and have the object in the off hand.

Step 2

Another method that you can apply to be able to use an object or block in your off hand is the one that we are going to show you next. All you have to do is place the object in your lower object bar and press the F key, which will automatically place the block in your hand. To change the object, all you have to do is locate the object you will change and press the F key again.


can't add music to instagram story

Why I can’t add music to instagram story?

Instagram is one of the most used and popular social networks around the world. Between the feed and the stories, we usually share our activities, humor, or day-to-day with friends, family, or unknown followers. Today, the application has evolved to give us many resources that help improve the user experience; however, sometimes, we do not see all this news and feel that we are late to fashion.

It may happen that everyone is setting their Instagram stories with music, but that option has not yet appeared to you. Why does it happen? Is there any trick on how to activate the music sticker on Instagram manually? Take note, because in the following article, we solve your question: ” Why can’t add music to instagram story? ” Pay attention!

Why can’t add music to instagram story?

Believe it or not, the type of Instagram account you have can directly affect the services that the platform offers you. There are three categories: personal, business or creator account, and among them may be one of the solutions that solve your question as to why the music option does not appear on Instagram.

While personal accounts and content creators usually have the music sticker for Instagram Stories (unless there is an update error, as we will see later), business accounts may not have this option available. The reason is simple: if you use specific music to promote your products without an agreement with the author, you could have serious problems. For this reason, many business accounts do not have access to the music sticker on Instagram Stories. The solution is to decide if you prefer to label your products or if you prefer to be able to access music without a problem. Your account makes the difference!

Outdated Instagram version

If the problem is not your account settings and the sticker to add music to your stories still does not appear, it is probably because your Instagram application is out of date. This is one of the most common causes that answer the question why can’t I put music on Instagram Stories .

App updates are necessary to be able to enjoy the latest tools, so whether you have Android or iOS you can update the application with these simple steps:

Update Instagram on Android

Open Google Play.
Click on the three lines that appear in the upper left corner of the screen and access the menu.
In “My applications and games,” you can check if Instagram has pending updates and install the app’s latest version.
If updating the application is not enough, you can check if your Android device has a version higher than Android 5.0. If not, you should know that the music in the stories is not compatible with lower versions. To update the performance of your device, you will have to:

Go to Settings> System> About device> Software update

As soon as you have your device updated, you should open the Instagram application and enjoy tools like the sticker to add music to your stories.

Update Instagram on iOS

Go to the App Store.
Click on “Applications.”
Search Instagram and check if there are any pending updates and update the App.
As in Android, if these steps do not work, you should check that your iOS device has a version higher than iOS7 since the lower ones are not compatible with the music tool in Instagram Stories. To update the operating system, you must:

1. Access Settings> General> Software update

Smartphone problem?

Although many think that the smartphone can be a problem when it comes to enjoying certain Instagram tools, the truth is that your phone has little or nothing to do with the problems that the platform may present.

By giving the phone constant use, the accumulation of cache and memory of the application produces certain failures when manipulating Instagram stories. Fixing these errors is easy if you clear the application cache to improve its performance, so we explain how to do it:

If you have Android you can go to Settings> Applications> Instagram> Storage> Clear cache. For iPhones, the only option is to delete the application and download it again directly. It is not the same as deleting your account, so don’t worry. When you enter the application again, you will have practically everything as you left it.

Data connection problem

Another frequent and common problem is that adding music to a story is not available due to a data connection problem. To see if this is the fault and to remedy it, we recommend activating and deactivating your mobile data connection. In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you can also try it. It may seem very simple, but it is a common problem with a much simpler solution than we think.

The music I want does not appear

On some occasions, failure can occur because the music we want to add to our Instagram story does not appear. In those cases, the problem may be that the song is very new or little known, or that for internal reasons, Instagram has decided not to add it to the platform. Remember that music must be available on Instagram Music to add it to a story.

Stories control

Still, wondering how to put music on Instagram because our tips haven’t worked for you? Then you must know the story controls. They are little known, but they exist, so we recommend you access these controls’ configuration and check that all the options are activated. Follow these steps:

Go to your profile.
Select the three ellipsis or lines that appear in the upper right corner of your profile.
Access the main menu and look for the option “Story control.”
Once inside, you can check and verify that the option to listen to music is activated, as well as the rest of the elements.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

When playing Minecraft, there are many dangers we face in our attempt to survive. That is why, like all good survivors, we need to make good tools in Minecraft. That they help us fight in a much easier and more effective way, such as the shield, is why, if you are interested in knowing how to customize your shield in Minecraft and how to do it, read this post and you will know.

How to make a shield in minecraft – Shield Crafting

By knowing what the crafting of the shield is, you already have almost all the combat won. Having a good shield will not only help you defend yourself properly from dangers, but it will also allow you to give a unique touch to your look in Minecraft.

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

How to make a good shield?

The shield is an extremely important defense tool if we want to survive in Minecraft’s indomitable world. Having one of these allows us to immerse ourselves in the adventures we want without risking so much damage. The shield prevents 33% of the total damage from an attack.

If we have a shield and you have crafted a good sword in Minecraft, there will be nothing to stop us from getting the most out of this game. Before starting to enjoy all the options that shields offer us, we must know how to craft them or make them correctly.

That is why we encourage you to keep reading and discover how to make a Minecraft shield and make it look unique and special. We also remind you that you must update Minecraft to the latest version to use the shields.

What steps must be followed to make a shield?

To start making an excellent quality shield in Minecraft, you need to know what materials you need to achieve. First, you need 6 blocks of the type of wood you want. You will also need to make an iron ingot. You can see that these materials are very simple, just as crafting is very simple. Now, the steps you have to follow to do this shield are:

  1. Open the crafting or crafting table, whatever you call it.
  2. Now put the materials in the first row from the top in this order: wood, ingot, and wood.
  3. Fill the next row with wooden blocks.
  4. Lastly, in the bottom row, put a single block of wood in the middlebox.

That’s it! Now you just have to start your wonderful new shield whenever you want. When using the shield, you should keep in mind that it takes a little time to use the shield between blocks. That is, you must wait a moment to use it again. If arrows are shot at you, they can bounce off the shield, so be careful.

How to customize the shield in Minecraft?

Yes, once you have crafted your shield in Minecraft, you want to customize it, no problem, as this is possible. You don’t need hard-to-find materials to start customizing your shield.

The first thing you have to do is craft a banner of the color you prefer. To make one, you need 6 blocks of wool of the color you like and create a stick. Once this is done, you must put the shield and the banner in the crafting table’s middle row to color the shield in question.

Of course, if you want to customize your shield in Minecraft with a much more detailed and special design, all you have to do is create more banners and play with their position on the crafting table.

Likewise, you can see a large number of tutorials on YouTube, where they explain what different designs you can put on your shields and how to do it easily.

We hope that all this information can be useful to you and get the most out of it to customize your shield in Minecraft. Let nothing, not even attacks from mobs or other players, stop you from continuing on your journey through the infinite world of Minecraft.

How to make a book in minecraft

How to make a book in minecraft

Crafting an object in Minecraft is not difficult, as long as you have the necessary materials. Rather, the difficulty is when it comes to finding these materials, sometimes it is difficult to find them. For example, making a book takes time. If you have been playing Minecraft for a short time, you may not know what books are for. Well, they are a key piece when it comes to the table of enchantments and bookcase making.

If you want to get a book, it is unnecessary to gather the materials to later go through the construction table. You can get a few books by destroying a bookstore. By destroying a bookstore causing an explosion, you get 3 books. With that said, you will see how to make a book in minecraft by step. Also, we will explain how to get all the materials for its manufacture.

How to make a book in Minecraft?

How to make a book in minecraft

When you start playing Minecraft, you have many other priorities before making a book. Now, when the time comes, when you have your house and the enchantment table, you will have to do a few books, yes. In the early versions of Minecraft, books were simply decorative objects. Since version 1.3.1, they have utility.

I mentioned earlier that you could get a few books by causing an explosion in a bookstore. Well, it should be mentioned that you also have other options. If you are patient, you can find a book in some chests and the villages. You are returning to the topic of its usefulness. If you have a pen, you can write to them. However, they are typically used to hold an enchantment.

Materials needed and crafting

To make a book, three sheets of paper and a piece of leather. Well, first of all, get three sugar canes. To do this, search the blocks of dirt, grass, and sand near areas where there is water. Once you have the sugar canes, you have to go through the construction table to make three paper sheets.

Getting the leather takes a little more time. It’s time to go out hunting cows. When hunting a cow, you receive 2 pieces of leather. You can also get leather hunting horses, although it is not recommended since these animals are in very specific places that tend to fall far away.

Once you have the three sheets of paper and leather, you have to go to the construction table and combine everything to make a book. Finally, say that you will have to build an enchantment table if you want to enchant the book.

What is vo2 max garmin

What is Vo2 Max Garmin and How is It Calculated

Improving the efficiency with which your body uses oxygen properly is essential for achieving better physical performance. That is why you should be clear about what VO2 max is and how it is calculated. To know if you are fit and your true aerobic capacity, you will have to calculate your VO2 max. There are current models of wrist heart rate monitors that make a rough estimate based on the data collected during training. But really, the best way to know your VO2 max is through a stress test with gas spirometry, where you will have a much more accurate value. Although we go by parts. Before testing or estimating our VO2 maximum, it is best to know what is vo2 max garmin and what it is for.

What is vo2 max Garmin?

What is vo2 max garmin

It is the maximum volume of oxygen that your body is capable of metabolizing per unit of time.

It is the maximum amount of oxygen (O2) that your body can absorb, transfer and consume in a given time. It is, at the same time, the blood that your body can transport and metabolize.

It is also known as Maximum Oxygen Consumption and is the most effective way to measure your aerobic capacity because of the higher VO2 max, the greater your cardiovascular capacity.

In other words, the more oxygen is transported to your muscles per unit of time, the better performance you can have.

Therefore, VO2 max is an excellent predictor of success in endurance tests, especially when you have the help of a heart rate monitor.


VO2 max is a measure of the amount of oxygen that we can consume. It is obtained by measuring the oxygen’s volume between an inhalation and an exhalation to determine how much oxygen is consumed in one minute.

Therefore, we are talking about a value represented in liters per minute and ranges from 2 liters to 8 liters per minute.

However, it is more common to refer to each person’s VO2 max about their body weight in kilograms. In this way, you can compare the value obtained between any person, no matter how different they are.

The range of possible values ​​from 20 milliliters per kilo per minute to 90 ml/kg/min.

Experts point out that for the training stimulus to be sufficient to produce improvements in VO2 max, it is necessary to train at an intensity greater than 40% of the maximum heart rate continuously over time.

It is important to highlight three fundamental characteristics of VO2 max that are often unknown:

The VO2 Max value of each person is given mainly by their genetics. This explains why we sometimes meet people who have never played sports, but they get good results with some ease when they start training.

It is estimated that improving VO2 max in a person through continuous training is only 10-20%. This is a fact that usually surprises. We must know that we are not going to multiply our VO2 maximum x2 no matter how much we train, although this does not mean that we cannot improve.

The VO2 max also depends on age. As generally normal, it decreases over the years. The tables of VO2 maximum values ​​are usually designed by age group to better adjust the estimates.

It is recommended that when you calculate your VO2 maximum, you are in a stable physical state. If you measure it after a period of inactivity, the results will not be reliable.


A heart rate monitor’s usefulness to establish exercise intensity is based on a well-known physiological principle: when the intensity of the exercise increases, your oxygen consumption (VO2) and HR increase almost always linearly.

Practicing sports at an appropriate intensity level increases the efficiency of your training and allows you to assume a better perception of the body by analyzing the heart rate during physical activity. The use of the heart rate monitor is ideal.

And as we discussed at the beginning of this article, there is another way to measure VO2 max: a stress test.

These tests are carried out in specialized medical centers, with an activity that is increasing until reaching the maximum effort.

They are carried out both on ergometers (treadmills) and cycle ergometers (exercise bikes). These devices increase the speed gradually until the person reaches their maximum capacity.

All biometric effort parameters are collected by sensors placed on the skin, and then a computer processes all the data and obtains a maximum VO2 value.

Currently, many medical centers specialize in sports medicine and even general clinics and hospitals that offer this service.

The test price does not usually fall below 100 – 120 dollars, but it is advisable to perform it at least every 2 years since, in addition to determining our maximum VO2, we will rule out any type of heart ailment.