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5 Reasons Why Genio is the Best Painting Service Software

Painting service companies around the world have a great reason to adopt emerging technology to make their work easier, more efficient and enjoyable. We are talking about the Genio App which is the Industry Leader is bringing a digital transformation on the way teams do their job around the world. What is making this a must-have technology for these companies? It’s the five main features of this App that make it best painting services software. Which are these features and what makes them so compelling to an increasing number of painting service companies?

  1. Face ID Attendance

Your managers and supervisors don’t have to be on location to ascertain the attendance and reporting time of your employees. Why? Team members can check-in or check-out from their individual smartphones. The App does a superb job of verifying the identity of each member by means of cutting-edge face recognition capability. The supervisors on their part can see this info in real time and communicate the same with team leaders and create accurate reports for payroll calculation.

The staff of a branch can pass assistance and check-in and check-out by Face ID from your application. Genio counts the number of hours worked by each employee and may generate bi-weekly reports of incidents. The good thing about it is that this functionality runs from any Smartphone.

  1. Job Orders

Using this App is a great asset for scheduling your teams, assigning painting and any other relevant tasks and working from the company’s centralized calendar. Genio allows you to dispatch orders with instructions, time, date, location and assign them to the leaders of your teams.

  1. Chat & Efficient Communication 

Genio App’s easy-access buttons allow you to quickly chat, call or view the calendar of any of your teams. This App’s messaging always keeps the entire team in touch thus avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings among the team of painters. Eliminating such misunderstandings enhances staff efficiency and overall effectiveness. When there is a new list of painting products or services on sale and all the employees of the branches must be aware, so a group chat dedicated to the topic can be created. The best part, everything stays documented inside Genio.

From the comfort of a smartphone, the managers and employees of the branch will be able to visualize the instructions, videos, and tutorials when it is necessary to change to a new brand or color of paint or any activity painting that requires training. 

  1. Tasks Management 

The Genio App is an industry leader that enables you to create, assign and track the progress of tasks with your team. In a nutshell, this technology allows the management to easily generate the tasks and most importantly track how far the job is getting done real-time.

Genio App is a global leader which enables you to manage the agenda and assign tasks to your area supervisors who must visit different branches during the day. With this unique App, you get to know the supervisors’ location in real time, manage their work orders, and engage in direct communication with private chats. The head of a branch may report daily the progress and documentation (photos) of the tasks assigned by the headquarters. In a friendly way, the headquarters can visualize in real-time dashboard with the progress made in painting services and their status.

  1. Team Locations in Real-Time 

You no longer must make physical trips to track your team. This app saves you and your supervisors valuable time and effort not to mention money as it enables you to locate your teams in real-time on the map.

With these kinds of benefits, it’s no wonder that the Genio App is used by thousands of companies around the world. No painting service company can argue against the immense benefits of this unique App. Genio App is the top-rated software that delivers all these managerial benefits to painting service companies around the world.

With this App all your work teams, managers, staff, supervisors can be connected easily inside the Genio platform. With just a few clicks, you can sign-up new team members, create group chats, schedule shifts, assign tasks, and track their location. So, you can easily get rid of unnecessary paperwork from your painting service company by simply getting this real-time management tool now. You can get more information about this technology from https://hellogenio.com/

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